The Pledge

What we do

We champion a culture of lifelong learning
We build bridges to bring people with a broad range of ideas together
We seek to explore, understand and embrace the complexities of our time
We promote a bold, comprehensive, and inspiring vision of the future

Principles that frame our actions

Non partisan public discourse 
Citizen Engagement – Education – Empowerment
Eliminating barriers through cooperation, tolerance, exploration and understanding
Promoting and facilitating evidence based decision making with the recognition that science is a process

Values that guide us


Our commitment is to overcome the underlying barriers to rapid cultural evolution, including:

The paradigm of “Us vs Them”
The avoidance of cognitive dissonance
The nurturing of confirmation bias
The compulsion to engage in protective or benevolent value alignment
The propensity for conformity bias
The temptation to solve the little challenges while shrinking back from the big ones
The impulse to let our emotions drive our behaviour

Why we sign this pledge to Build a New Tomorrow: 

We believe that in the void of space, life is precious. Every living thing strives to experience this amazing planet, to thrive, to love, to feel like they belong, to feel safe. And yet our civilization is growing increasingly polarized, making it all but impossible to meet the global challenges we face.
Tribalism has been part of our culture for a very long time, however it is precisely our culture that has the capacity to transform human awareness and behavior at a speed that can keep pace with the accelerating and interconnected technological changes facing our society. 
To embrace these changes and ensure they deliver benefits for all while preserving life on earth, the boundaries of our tribe can no longer be defined by a line on a map, a “costume”, or a skin tone. The boundary of our tribe now lies indisputably at the outer limits of this planet’s precious atmosphere.
Therefore our most sacred objective is to make this world a place where every living thing can thrive in harmony with all the others.

Who “we” are and who we are not

We are citizens of this planet. Our aim is to inspire, promote and facilitate respectful public discourse about the future of civilization in an effort to identify and explore opportunities to build a better world for all life on earth.
We are not an activist organization that lobbies government or industry to take action on specific issues. And we are not a political organization that is focused on gaining power to implement what we “know” is best for everyone.

Our Premise: 

We believe that leadership is not about power but about the safety that supports excellence by upholding these values. 
We believe that following is not about subservience but about validating and emphasizing these values.
We believe that we all can be leaders and that we all can be followers.

By signing this pledge we commit ourselves to exemplify, uphold, defend and protect these objectives, principles and values.

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