A movement that embraces the massively changed future that’s coming.
A new pan-Canadian initiative for solutions that match the scale and complexity of the problems we face.

If you believe in Humanity

then join us to co-create a new story of a livable future.

Who owns the energy from the sun?

Who owns the wealth created by automation?

Who loses when we squander our ecological inheritance?

Who is our Economy for?

New Story Primer

This is our home! This is our future!

It’s time to write a new story that empowers the people and embraces the challenges of our time as opportunities to actually build a better world: a world that unites humanity and the ecosphere on which we depend.

The future belongs to us, the people. It is time we take it back from the backroom boys, the lobbyists, the power brokers and the influence peddlers.

The future belongs to our children. It is our responsibility to secure it for them by protecting our ecological principal, so future generations can benefit from the earth’s abundant interest, and restoring integrity to the systems that govern our society.

Let’s embrace the new energy economy as a source of ongoing wealth for our communities.
Let’s embrace automation as a source of freedom for our humanity.
Let’s embrace climate disruption as an opportunity to unite our civilization.

Join us to take back our future;
Join us to reclaim our democracy.

"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it."

- Robert Swann
You're invited to join this ultimate hero project!

Are you in?

Discover the values, principles & purpose that are driving this initiative.