Why The Pledge?

Because our primary challenge to rapid cultural evolution lies in a few fundamental human traits. These traits have evolved over thousands of years to help us cope with the world around us. And while they have served us well throughout human history (hence our dominant role on this planet) they are now preventing us from effectively addressing the global challenges we face in a rapidly changing world.
We can not eliminate these human traits that some say are etched into our DNA, however we can learn to recognize them, first in ourselves and then in others. That recognition can foster deeper engagement, compassion, and understanding.
Through cultural innovation and adaptation we can become aware when they influence our perception, our emotions and ultimately our behaviour. We can reset our moral compass so that we are prepared for the technological convergence that is currently underway.
By signing the pledge you are an inspiration to others. You help build the momentum for a public shift in how we individually and collectively view and interact with the world around us.
A public pledge demonstrates your commitment to this shift. You are leading by example. We are all leaders and we are all followers.

The “Us vs Them” paradigm

The “us versus them” paradigm is the first barrier to cultural change recognized in the pledge.  It is as old as civilization and is continually reinforced by the rituals and activities in our society. We constantly divide ourselves; into political parties, sports teams, provinces, service clubs, interest groups, ethnic groups, religious affiliations, and armies. Everywhere we turn we see this play out and often the fervor to cheer on “our team” turns into disdain, hatred or abuse toward those outside our artificially limited circle.
It is hard to recognize when we tramp on others’ rights and freedoms as long as we are dominated by a paradigm of “Us versus Them.” The reality (born out by our modern understanding of genetics) is that we are all one.
As we state in our pledge: “We believe that in the void of space, life is precious. Every living thing strives to experience this amazing planet, to thrive, to love, to feel like they belong, to feel safe. The boundaries of our tribe can no longer be defined by a line on a map, a costume or a skin tone. The boundary of our tribe lies indisputably at the outer limits of this planet’s precious atmosphere. Would it therefore not make sense that one of our most sacred objectives should be to make this world a better place, where every living thing can thrive in harmony with all the others?”
Creating a culture that helps us embrace the complexity of our world while we meet that objective, that is what the “Pledge to Build a New Tomorrow” is all about.

By recognizing the underlying challenges and at the same time publicly pledging to overcome them, we are coming together to champion a new way of being, a new way of acting, a new way of living: A New Tomorrow.

What’s Next?  Sign the Pledge!

Still can’t sign the pledge? This may explain why.