what we (hope to) do

The Ethos of our Civilization is built by the stories we tell ourselves and each other. It defines our culture. It shapes our worldview. It guides our actions and beliefs. It sets our horizons. It confirms our biases. It can inspire us to grow and it can reinforce our intransigence.
And yet, most of us are scarcely aware of its existence. At best we take it for granted – see it as an unchanging fact of life we have no control over. At worst we are oblivious to the powerful influence it exerts on us every day – how it sets our moral compass and guides our decisions and attitudes.
Here is how we hope to bring our ethos into focus…
A regular podcast entitled “Influencing the Ethos of our Civilization” where we interview psychologists, anthropologists, authors and thought leaders

Symposiums to explore what shapes the ethos of our civilization with themes that could include Music, Art, Politics, Religion, Business, Education, Sport, Science, etc.

Public Talks by thought leaders and agents of change on how their initiative helps shape the ethos of our civilization.

Showcasing indigenous values and the positive influence they can have on the ethos of our civilization

Present documentaries and case studies that show how the ethos of local communities, regions or even countries has been transformed in the past.

Global Roundtable discussions to explore what we can do in our sphere of influence to build a better world.

Help us make this happen!

If you or your organization is already hosting events like the ones described above,
please let us know so we can help promote them.
Email connect@newtomorrow.ca