“What happens tomorrow depends on what we do today!”

It’s time to embrace the idea that we all share a common destiny on this pale blue dot in space.

There are three steps of engagement in the New Tomorrow community

1. Become a signatory by signing the pledge
2. Connect with 3 other individuals in your circle of trust and ask that they read the pledge and consider signing
3. Perform one random act that puts the words of the Pledge into real action – no matter how small. Then tell us about it.

Here are just some examples of how signatories contribute to the ethos of our civilization:
Thomas Homer-Dixon leads the Cascade Institute that explores Interventions for Rapid Global Change.
Yael Finer produces podcasts that ask the hard questions and builds bridges of understanding.
Rick Logtenberg and his team developed to help connect people and organizations around common objectives.
Frances Litman leads Creatively United’s Community Solutions Sharing Hub to bring people together in and around Victoria BC.
Barbara Cox owns and operates photokunst which specializes in marketing cause-oriented photography
Shane Lapp is helping to create a Living Economy through the Okanagan Circular Society
Wayne Foster wrote and published Being Connected
Please join our monthly drop-in to share and explore how you are influencing our ethos with your everyday actions…
And let us know if you are working to to change the story in your sphere of influence. Just email us:


What some of the signatories have said about the pledge:
I am part of the new tomorrow community, because I am not willing to consider the alternative AND I love imagining just how wonderful it could be.
Thank you Thomas Teuwen for helping me find the perfect affirmation statement I have been looking for: I am a biophiliac! If you also love all the life that walks, crawls, flies, swims, grows on this beautiful Earth, consider signing this pledge and help foster the most vibrant and healthy future possible for all life on this beautiful planet. I am honored to be a signatory along with Thomas Teuwen and (oh my!) Thomas Homer-Dixon!
Leslie from Ontario
Thank you for enabling participation in this very much needed vision for the future. I am incredibly honored to be part of this mission. 
I hope this will bring a ripple effect that enables more participation and more citizen engagement towards changing old modes and opening up new approaches to the Economy: Circularity, Recycling, Registering carbon footprint… From the small actions to the bigger ones.
We should take the future of our Planet into our hands. 
Ari from Madrid
I signed the pledge because I commit as a world citizen to do my best.
And because I commit, I agree with a contract to all my relations.
Eymie from British Columbia
The pledge clearly articulates the values and vision of the future world I imagine and desire, and believe we must create — together.
Karyn from British Columbia


To add your name to the list of signatories click here.

Please tell us your story so it can inspire others.
   Why did you decide to sign?
   How has it changed the way you see the world?

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