Q: Where can I find out more about what kind of thinking inspired the creation of the pledge?
A: You can click on the resources tab where you will find podcasts, books, videos and documentaries that have contributed to the framework and world view envisioned by the pledge.
OR, you can join us for one of our monthly Drop-In sessions on zoom. For details visit: https://newtomorrow.ca/dropin/
Q: What difference will it make if I sign the pledge?
A: By signing the pledge you are an inspiration to others. You help build the momentum for a public shift in how we individually and collectively view and interact with the world around us. A public pledge demonstrates your commitment to this shift. You are leading by example. We are all leaders and we are all followers.
Q: If I sign the pledge does that preclude me from endorsing a political candidate?
A: Absolutely not. Nor does it preclude you in any other way from engaging in our society.  The pledge is meant as a backdrop to provide context and meaning to our daily actions. Once you’ve signed it, the pledge will always be in the back of your mind. And hopefully it will encourage you to calibrate your moral compass from time to time as well as have a better understanding of why people do what they do.
Q: How do I sign the pledge?
A: You can find all the details about how to sign the pledge and/or contribute to the effort by visiting this page: https://newtomorrow.ca/join/
Q: Now that I’ve signed the pledge, what else can I do?
A: Signing the pledge is perhaps the most important action you can take. Energizing others to do the same is a close second. Momentum is needed to reach a tipping point in our modern culture. You can tell people how excited you are about this initiative, in person and on social media, and encourage them to sign the pledge as well.
Q: What if I want to do more?
A: You can strive to help others in your community embrace the complexity of our world.  You can energize your friends and colleagues to create an event in your community that invites constructive public discussion around an issue. You can create small or large safe spaces where we can openly explore the issues of our time.
Q: Why is my pledge made public on the web site?
A: Think of it like a wedding or graduation. Going public means that anyone who signs the pledge is committing themselves publicly to live up to that pledge. This adds credibility and inspires others!
Q: What if I change my mind?
A: You can always stop let us know that you have had a change of heart and would like to be removed from the pledge list by emailing us at connect@newtomorrow.ca. No questions asked.
Q: How often will you update your financial report?
A: As often as practicable but at the very least, once a month.
Q: What if I have a question that isn’t answered here?
A: You can email your question to connect@newtomorow.ca and we will answer it here. Or you can provide feedback in the form below.

Still reluctant to sign the pledge? Please tell us why.