Culture is not just music and dance, art and entertainment. Culture is what we use to weave and reinforce the fabric of our society. It provides the basis for our moral compass. It guides our decisions and strongly influences how we see the world. It determines how we treat each other and the ecosystems we depend on.
Our world is dominated by our cultural norms. We find comfort in telling ourselves that our culture is fixed. And yet history has shown that culture has the capacity to evolve much faster than our physical or even our mental capabilities. We constantly strive to improve how we practice medicine, how we transport ourselves and our stuff, and how we communicate. It’s time we focus on advancing our cultural framework with the same methodical diligence.
The primary challenge to deliberate and thoughtful cultural evolution lies in a few fundamental human traits. These traits have evolved over thousands of years to help us cope with the world around us. And while they have served us well throughout human history (hence our dominant role on this planet) they are now preventing us from effectively addressing the global challenges we face in a rapidly changing world.
We can not eliminate these human traits that some say are etched into our DNA, however we can learn to recognize them, first in ourselves and then in others. That recognition can foster deeper engagement, compassion, and understanding.
Being part of a global community that strives to foster compassion through a deeper understanding of each other and the world around us is the first step.
The Pledge to Build a New Tomorrow is an opportunity to make a personal commitment to examine our cultural norms in the context of the 21st century. Are they serving us well? Do they secure our future? Are they helpful as we face more and more global challenges?
Through cultural innovation and adaptation we can become aware when our cognitive bias influence our perception, our emotions and ultimately our behaviour. We can reset our moral compass so that we are better prepared for what lies ahead.
The simple act of signing the pledge adds your voice to a cultural transformation that will gain momentum as more people commit to striving for these shared values: Honesty, Transparency, Integrity, Humility, Inquiry.
It’s time to embrace the idea that we all share a common destiny on this pale blue dot in space.
By signing the pledge you are an inspiration to others. You help build the momentum for a public shift in how we individually and collectively view and interact with the world around us.
A public pledge demonstrates your commitment to this shift. You are leading by example. We are all leaders and we are all followers.
You can take one simple step to make our world a better place:
Sign the Pledge*
For a synopsis of the pledge follow this link:
* We know that you are already doing a lot to help your community, supporting an important cause, or championing engagement on vital issues. That’s fantastic!
This pledge is not meant to compete with or replace any of that. Instead it is meant to create a common framework or world view that supports all these activities. If we dedicate ourselves to working together and creating safe spaces where we can explore the complexity of the challenges we face, we may just be able to overcome them.