Why this project?

Because it’s time for citizens to take back our future!

Top reasons why the 'New Tomorrow' project matters:

  • Government has stopped working for the people. That game is currently rigged; captured and manipulated by big money.
  • Life in our communities is getting harder and harder. It takes two or three jobs to make ends meet.
  • Climate and technological disruption are threatening our way of life.
  • Isolation, disempowerment, uncertainty and fear are paralyzing younger generations.
  • Our future is in peril, so we’re taking back control of our collective destiny.

Who started this?

The founding supporters of the New Tomorrow project are a diverse, trans-partisan group, engaged on many fronts, who...

  • believe in humanity's altruism, creativity & supremely cooperative nature
  • are driven by their care for children, family, community & home
  • are finished with the hyper-partisan power game which Canadian politics has become
  • believe that our democracy belongs to the people
  • have the courage to believe that together we can build a hopeful future for everyone

They chose to leave their partisan colours at the door, to collaborate on a narrative vision — epic in scope yet credible in concept — to light a path from here to a New Tomorrow for us all.

The world is full of heroes (individuals and organizations) already doing amazing work to help create a New Tomorrow. The creators of this New Tomorrow Project merely saw an opportunity to help bring conceptual coherence to all these parallel efforts, especially for a Canadian audience. Especially as we approach the pivotal 2019 general election.

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